Heather Walker

Owner / Producer

You might think that over the past 30 years Heather has done nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe the animation industry, seeing as she’s worked as an Executive Producer, and Producer at some of Canada’s largest animation studios, including Nelvana Limited. You might think that her preferred method of travel is by plane, as she’s worked with clients and projects around the globe in countries as diverse as Canada, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, and Russia, to name a few. You might wonder if she can spell out the entire alphabet with the acronyms of the diverse networks she’s produced broadcast materials for, including ABC, NBC, BBC, CBC, YTV, NICK, TVO and FOX. You may even suggest that she could run an entire animation studio by herself, as she has acted in roles from development to pre-sales to financing to production to negotiating licensing and broadcasting options.

Claude Chiasson

Yowza Founder

Claude has been in the animation business for almost thirty-five years. Even before opening the doors to Yowza Animation Inc. in 1996, he had traveled the world and gain an impressive resume with experience in feature films, T.V. series, commercials, music videos and specials. His clients include: Warner Bros., Disney Features, DreamWorks Features among many of the world’s industry leaders. Claude’s attention to detail, and the loyalty of top-notch talent towards him, lead to the unparalleled success of Yowza Animation. Claude is happy with the new structure of Yowza Animation as it allows him to continue his passionate focus on the animation art form!

Julian Coutts

Line Producer

Julian has a broad range of TV and Film experience which include feature films, documentary series, U.S. political campaigns, live TV broadcasts, interstitials, live theater and commercials. On his journey to becoming a producer, he has gotten coffee for such notables as: Ridley Scott, Peter O’Toole, Lauren Bacall, Richard Dreyfuss, Daniel Day-Lewis and Nicole Kidman. In his spare time, Julian likes to throw things: curling stones, frisbees, and golf clubs.

Tahir Rana


Tahir is a director and storyboard supervisor who has been known to go days without sleep to achieve his deadlines, fueled only by peanut butter granola bars. Despite, or because of, a relentless perfectionist streak, he has achieved over six years of industry experience as a Storyboard Artist and Flash Animator, rapidly propelling himself into the position of Assistant Director and Storyboard Supervisor. He anticipates that this early taste of success is most likely to sentence him to many more years of dedicated animation workaholism and therefore lots of roses and chocolates for his wife

Jeffrey Timmins

Art Director


Vesna Mostovac

Assistant Art Director

Vesna has 20 years of experience in the animation industry. She has Art directed, designed and painted backgrounds on numerous projects that have been widely recognized and honoured.  She has a true passion for animation. When asked about her future? "I wish to be part of a 'Heritage moment' just like the creator of Superman.” All revved up and ready to go!


Design Supervisor


wearing a

meat suit.

Roger Chiasson

Artist & Animator

When it comes to “Old School Animation”, Roger is about as old as they come.  Highlights of his career include Animation on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, design, boarding and animation for special FX on the live action movie Highlander. Working on many Pop Videos for Bob Marley, Grace Jones, Paula Abdul and Queen as well as designing the Queen Album “It's Kind of Magic”…. (I think I'll take a nap now!).


Even though I have a few miles on me, working on new, exciting projects is what keeps me young.  “Welcome to the Wayne” certainly qualifies and I'm, super excited for the challenge.


Tom Jolliffe

Animation Director

Singer, dancer, comedian..  A real triple threat. The complete package. Described on more than one occasion as a "tour de force". I mean, come on, this guy is unreal. Just.. wow.. DM for bookings.

Brad Ferguson

Assistant Director

After having achieved all of his professional and spiritual career goals as a supermodel, Mr.Ferguson chose to branch out, and now spends his days directing cartoons.

Shannon Penner


Caffeine-dependent, plant-based human. Things I make: animation, music, stuff up.



Sonia Xavier

Executive Assistant

Our Playful yet feisty executive assistant.

Jania Bennett

Production Accountant

Welcome to the accounting department, where everybody counts.


Sally Walker

Studio Coordinator

Reading constantly

Ceferino Asido

Systems Administrator

Ceferino is a highly-organized individual who adopts a systematic approach to problem solving. He has been with Yowza for over 15 years and has had a lot of opportunities to work on feature film projects including The Princess and the Frog, Curious George, and Osmosis Jones. Ceferino has also worked for the VFX company as an IT. His VFX credits includes films such as Wolves, Saw III to VII, Borealis and Repo The Genetic Opera.

Judith Cogan-Andrews

Business and Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Over the past 18 years, Judith has provided business affairs services for over 90 feature film, television and animation projects. She has extensive expertise in diverse aspects of financial closings, securing CAVCO and provincial tax credits, international treaty co-production certifi-cation, Telefilm funding, NOHFC funding, OMDC Film Funding, Nova Scotia/NSBI Funding, CRTC and CMF certifications. She can sweetly inspire cooperation between governmental bodies, producers, finance professionals - even cats and dogs (of which she has one each).

Simon Daley

Systems Administrator

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Julie Bartlett

Assistant Production Manager

Habitual Organizer

David Jenkins

Animation Supervisor

Like an orange with legs.

Alessandro Piedimonte

Layout & Previs supervisor

Dolce Vita expert and passionate artist!

Jack Carr

Compositor and Editor

Bike. Plaid. Coffee. Go.

Luke Boyko-Phelan

Pre, Post & Web Coordinator

Hey, How's it going?

Annick Counihan

Production Coordinator

Tús maith leath na hoibre

Kat Curwin

Design Coordinator

Cute and useful.

Raphael Friess

Production Assistant

A Night Owl who loves the Sun, a Caffeine Lover who doesn’t drink Coffee. Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

Chris Land

Storyboard Artist

Give me a pencil and a piece of paper and I'm happy!

Caroline Hung

Storyboard Artist

The one wearing black. Just so glad I get to board stories!

Matt Wilson

Storyboard Artist

I like to go by the motto of living life as if you are the main character in a movie. If you want to be a medieval knight then do it!

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